The laboratory LISAPHARM

Our history

The laboratory LISAPHARM was created in February 1999.
The first medicament placed at the disposal of the Medical Practitioners is Précyclan® in May 1999, then Tensionorme® November 2001, Inofer® in September 2003, Arolac® in 2004, Tronothane in 2006, Solubacter ® and Cutisan ® in 2007. In 2013 we commercialize Phytocyclan® our first food supplement in the Premenstrual Syndrome; and we prepare the launch of an urinary tract anti-infectious, Delprim® tablets before the end of the year


It is a French Simplified Joint Stock Company with a capital of 200.000 € and with French law status.
The company is registered at the Commercial Register under the number: RCS Paris B 419 900 980.

Head office

3, rue Scheffer 75016 PARIS
Phone: 00 33 1 56 26 53 53 - Fax: 00 33 1 56 26 53 50

Our purpose, values and principals

The purpose of LISAPHARM is making available to the Medical Practitioners and the pharmacists, pharmaceutical products that can be or not refunded by Social Insurance Programs, orphan drugs or just several products intended to be exported. Research contracts are currently conducted with universities in order to develop new products in the fields of gynecology and dermatology.


President and Pharmacist in charge: Georges B. CARP

Management - Administration: Nathalie CAMUS
Regulatory Affairs: Marie VERGES

International développement: Samir MAALOUF
Medical Communication: El Hadj ASCOFARE
Research & Pharmaceutical Development: Pierre ARMOIRY

Our medicaments



Product advantages
  • Original anti-anaemic associating an organic iron salt(ferrous succinate) and an intestinal absorption promoter; the absorption of iron is increased by 30%.
  • The digestive side effects (gastralgy, diarrhea, constipation etc…) of iron are reduced.
Therapeutical class / composition
  • Gynecology and all iron deficiencies.
  • Association of the ferrous succinate and the succinic acid, which allows reducing the quantity of iron administrated and this limits the undesirable effects.
    Anaemia prevention:1 tablet/day
    Anaemia treatment:2/3 tablets/day


Product advantages
  • Synergic anti-hypertensive association at small doses of a thiazidic diuretic (bendrofluméthiazide) and reserpine (0.1 mg).
  • First line low-cost treatment of hypertension.
Therapeutical class / composition
  • Cardiology (Anti- hypertensive products)
  • Bendrofluméthiazide (diuretic) promotes the excretion of sodium.
  • The reserpine small doses remove the capillary peripherical resistances.
  • Synergic molecular low doses


Product advantages
  • Inhibitor of prolactin by a dopaminergic agonist preferential affect.
  • Compared to Bromocriptin, lower doses with same efficient effects but fewer side effects.
Therapeutical class / composition
  • Inhibition of milk ascension.
  • Clinical consequences of hyperprolactinemies.
  • Amenorrhea, galactorrhea.
  • Micro or macro prolactin hypophysary adenomas for both sexes.


Product advantages
  • Local anaesthetic gel containing 1% of pramocaine.
  • Local anaesthetic two times more effective than cocaine and five times less toxic.
Therapeutical class / composition
  • Mucosal – local anaesthetic treatment to relief pain and itching of haemorrhoidal crisis and other problems in rectal area.
  • Anal mycosis preparation to rectal investigation (anuscopy).
  • Reduction of chirurgical pain: annal chirurgy, episiostomy, vaginal discomfort...


Product advantages
  • Antiseptic soap foam solution for topical application.
  • Double action: the cleansing smooth action is completed by the Triclocarban activity under Gram+(Staphylococus,Streptococus..) bacteria and mycosis (Candida albicans).
Therapeutical class / composition
  • Cleansing of skin and mucous.
  • As a local prevention of secondary infections of skin and mucous.
  • As local therapy of vaginal infections caused by sensible organisms (Gram+ and Candida albicans).
  • Use during the toilet or two times a day in local infections


Product advantages
  • Talcum powder with triclocarban.
  • Double action :reduces the body humidity a by talc and reduces healing and mycosis proliferation.
  • The triclocarban molecule acts under the Gram+ bacterial agents and some mycosis (Candida albicans).
Therapeutical class / composition
  • One first use: athlete’s foot ;
  • Other mycosis and Gram + bacteria’s (Staphylococus,Streptococus )of the skin and mucosa
  • Use in local affections 2 times a day


First “food supplement” PHYTOCYCLAN®

First “food supplement” PHYTOCYCLAN®

Our first “food supplement” PHYTOCYCLAN® is since 2013 in the French market to alleviate premenstrual syndrome.

Phytocyclan®60 caps containing (3 plants extracts)

  • Vitex agnus castus
  • Melissa officinalis
  • Hibiscus sabdariffa
  • Magnesium (100mg/caps)
  • B5/B6 Vitamins

To prevent premenstrual discomfort: reduces breast pain and oedema, reduces hydric retention (Hibiscus and magnesium) and weight; normalise anxiety and nervous (Melissa,Vitex and magnesium).
Use 3 caps per day, 2 in the morning, 1 before diner, 15/20 days before the previous date of the end of menstrual cycle; or start taking Phytocyclan® one week after the end of the last menstruations during 15/20 days ,till the beginning of menstruations.

Our development in 2013

  • All our products are manufactured in France with GMP requirements
  • Our products are commercialized in France and in other 25 other countries: the 14 Africa-french language countries, Cambodia, Vietnam, Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco, Jordan, Mauritius, Haiti etc...
  • We are developing with French Universities a paediatric iron and an anaesthetic local spray
  • In 2013 we are developing a urinary anti-infectious, DELPRIM® tablets (trimethoprim 300mg/tablet


Mr. Georges CARP: President-Pharmacist in charge:
Mr. Samir MAALOUF, International development:
Ms. Nathalie CAMUS : Financial administration :
Ms. Marie VERGES : Regulatory pharmacist :


3, rue Scheffer, 75016 PARIS
Phone: 00 33 1 56 26 53 53
Fax: 00 33 1 56 26 53 50
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